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At the end of the previous millenium, the Finns have been rather quiet on the European music front. Up until now, Bomfunk MC's are the biggest export success of the Finnish pop. Their blockrocking beats not only swept away four Finnish industry awards earlier this month, they are also storming the charts in the rest of the Europe & Australia with their smash hit single 'Freestyler'. A European promo and concert tour is scheduled to back up their runaway success outside their native country Finland.

Since getting together in the 1998, the two MCs - rapper Raymond Ebanks and vinyl spinner DJ Gismo - perfected a bouncy blend of old skool flava, rock guitars and chemical beats for their debut album 'In Stereo'. They haven't looked back since. After its release last summer, 'In Stereo' entered the Finnish chart at number one and stayed there for nine weeks. Meanwhile, the album has sold over 110,000 copies (double platinum), making it the second best sold English-language Finnish album in Finland. 'In Stereo' is Sony Music Finland's best-selling album all-time. In Stereo" has reached top ten position in many countries around the Europe. "In Stereo" has sold over 450 000 in Europe!

Earlier this year they walked away with four Emma awards (the Finnish Grammy) for The Best Newcomer (band), The Best Debut Album, The Best Song Of The Year ('Freestyler') and The Best Producer (JS16).

But the single 'Freestyler' is not only proving irresistible to Finnish kids. Bomfunk MC's have already slammed their beats all the way to the number one of the European charts. The "Freestyler" single has reached number one position in following countries: Germany, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Switzerland, Austria & Italian. UK is also Bomfunked as they reached #2 on the singles sales chart.

"Freestyler" reached the number 1 position Music & Media's European singles chart in August. "Freestyler" has sold over 1.6 million units in Europe!

The mesmerising video, featuring a homeboy in dreads and a MiniDisc player with a mind of its own, is already played in high rotation on MTV (Nordic and European). It is the first Finnish video ever to be played on MTV Select and MTV Dance floor. It has also been supported by Germany's VIVA!, Sweden's ZTV and the Dutch TMF station was instrumental in pushing 'Freestyler'.

The latest international single from the album is "B-Boys & Flygirls". The single has been released in Scandinavia, Belgium & Holland and soon the rest of the Europe will follow.

Massive "Mission Impossible" style "B-Boys & Flygirls" video is already on the high rotation at MTV (Nordic) & (Central), TMF (Holland & Belgium) & ZTV (Sweden).